• Aromatic Siberian Pine brine 250 ml

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Brine with the addition of natural pine oil has antibacterial properties, and its regular use supports the recovery of upper respiratory tract catarrhs ​​and removes micro-contamination from the environment that cause these rhinitis. for anxiety and menopausal symptoms Ingredients according to INCI: Aqua Minerał Salts Perfume Limonene Dilute the brine in the ratio 1: 3 and pour it into a mist-generating device or into an inhaler. Avoid injuries and wounds around the eyes. Brine from Zabłocie is a natural spa material suitable for inhalation. Brine in the amount of 500 1000 ml can also be used for aromatic and relaxing baths. Bacteriol tested product dermatologically and dermatologically Contraindications: Do not use by people with hyperthyroidism and allergic to any of the ingredients

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