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Inhalation Brine from Zabłocie nbsp; Application Saline inhalations support the comfort of breathing fight and inhibit inflammation moisturize the mucosa Inhalations help in the prevention of the following diseases chronic rhinitis of the larynx and bronchi states of vocal exhaustion allergic diseases of the upper respiratory tract Contraindications it is used to leave a small amount of brine up to 0 3l for evaporation in an open vessel in closed rooms where the household members are constantly present.This has a positive effect on the upper respiratory tract, the reduction of allergens in the air and an increase in saturation with iodine and other beneficial microelements with a concentration greater than at the seaside. intensive inhalation with an inhaler, dilute the brine with boiled water in the proportion 1: 4 Content Natural brine from Zabłocie with total mineralization 46g l 4 6 contains the highest in the world, iodine content of up to 139 mg per liter of brine Iodine is important for the proper physical and mental development of each of us from the beginning of our lives Insufficient iodine in adults may slow down the reaction, deterioration of memory, apathy, depression, enlargement of the thyroid gland Iodine is a micronutrient necessary for proper functioning the thyroid gland regulates energy metabolism in the body, while bromine has a calming effect, it relieves nervous tension and relieves stress.It turns out that iodine deficiency affects almost 90 areas of our country and almost 8 million people are at risk of thyroid disease Inhalation Inhalation is a method of preventing and supporting the treatment of many respiratory diseases. on inhalation of diluted saline spray in the form of an aerosol Inhalation of a saline aerosol moisturizes the respiratory tract, thinning of mucus and easier expectoration During such treatment, iodine is absorbed, which causes longer a significant increase in the level of iodine in the blood and its penetration into the tissues of the body, especially into the nervous system of the Recipients The main recipients of the Original Brine from Zabłocie are: beauty farms SPA and Wellness salons salt caves salt huts brine pools beauty parlors sanatoriums hotels sports clubs cities and communes using brine for construction of fountains and graduation towers private people

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