• Lye Zabłocki NaCl 32% 1L

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Lye Zabłocki with a very high concentration of NaCl 32 was made on the basis of Brine from Zabłocie, extracted for over 120 years from the "KORONA" borehole in the Zabłocie resort. Brine from deeply located deposits of iodine-bromine medicinal waters. Medicinal properties Certificate 1 Z issued by the Center for Environmental Control and Research Sp z oo in Katowice with iodine content up to 140 mg liter. fatigue • Support breathing comfort • Moisturize the mucosa • Help in the prevention of respiratory tract diseases Application: nbsp; It is recommended to use lye baths several times during the week, adding 300 ml to 1000 ml of the product

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