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Marseilles soap Argan oil with the addition of almond oil are natural soaps that are suitable for all skin types, especially for people with allergic, acne-prone, delicate and dry skin. They are bactericidal, cleansing and anti-acne. They soothe irritations, regenerate cells, nourish and smooth out. The soaps are hypoallergenic and will not dry out the skin. Suitable for washing the whole body, also for intimate hygiene. They have a neutral pH for the skin. They can be used for delicate washing.


The soap contains 72% of vegetable oils.


100% natural, no animal fats.


100% biodegradable. Not tested on animals. They do not contain PEG, parabens and preservatives.




soothing irritation

cell regeneration

nourishment and smoothing

Directions for use:


Soap the body, massage for a while, rinse.


Additional use of soap:


Grated Marseille soap shavings can be used to wash baby clothes because it has a strong anti-allergic effect.

The soap works well in removing stains from shirt collars and for washing delicate fabrics.

Marseille soap is recommended by dermatologists to people with low tolerance to animal fats contained in soaps.

Marseille soap solution disinfects wounds.

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