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Milk thistle is an ancient herb native to Samaria and some parts of Israel. It has been used for millennia as a liver remedy.


Milk thistle fruits contain 2-4% of a blend of flavonolignans, called silymarin. It consists of silybin, silidiamine and silicristin of similar structure and physicochemical properties as well as isosilymarin, 2,3-dehydrosylymarin, 2,3-dehydrosylikristin and the so-called silibinomers, i.e. oligomeric derivatives of silymarin. In addition, there is toxifoline, dehydroconiferyl alcohol, quercetin, tyramine, histamine, mucus, organic acids, vitamins C and K, phytosterols, especially -sitosterol, tannins, proteins, sugars (about 21%) and fat with a lot of linoleic acid, as well as minerals .


Milk thistle preparations lower blood sugar levels in diabetics, normalize cholesterol levels and prevent the formation of kidney stones.


The beneficial effects of milk thistle in internal bleeding and bleeding from female organs have been known for a long time. Currently, it is used for bleeding from the nose, colon, haemorrhoids, heavy menstruation.


Milk Thistle Oil (Oleum Siliby) is obtained from milk thistle seeds (Silybum marianum) by cold pressing.


This oil is clear, light yellow with a characteristic odor.


It contains vitamin A, D, E, K, F, unsaturated fatty acids (EFA) and minerals.


Milk thistle oil has anti-inflammatory properties that stimulate the development and regeneration of liver cells. It is also a powerful antioxidant, protects liver cells against the harmful effects of free radicals. Beneficial changes have been observed in the treatment of patients with advanced cirrhosis.


The compounds contained in milk thistle support the treatment of skin diseases. It works positively in skin cancer.


Milk thistle oil has detoxifying properties and protects the liver and kidneys against the damaging effects of toxic substances.


supports the excretion of toxic substances from the body,

lowers cholesterol,

normalizes digestive processes,

strengthens and tones the capillaries,

improves eyesight,

lowers the risk of heart and vascular diseases,

strengthens the immune system.

Milk thistle oil regulates digestive activity by increasing acid secretion, and therefore is used in anorexia, anorexia, flatulence and belching, and sometimes in migraine-like headaches, low blood pressure and motion sickness.


Folk medicine uses milk thistle oil externally and internally.




- for hair care (strengthens and stimulates growth),


- to prevent baldness and hair breakage,


- as a moisturizing and nourishing agent for skin and hair,


- to protect the skin and hair against external factors (sun, wind, frost),


- in the treatment of burns (including sunburns), skin inflammations, cracks, eczema,


- to prevent sagging and aging skin,


- to eliminate wrinkles,


- for problem skin care,


- for the care of legs, hands and nails,


- to stimulate the growth of nails and eliminate their brittleness,


- as an adjuvant in the treatment of skin diseases and dermatoses (psoriasis, eczema, erythema).


This oil can be applied directly to the skin. It can be used for lubrication and massage neat or as an ingredient for blending. It is an additive to enrich cosmetics (lotions, masks, shampoos, creams).




- lubricate problem or pathological places,


- use as a component of skin and hair masks,


- use for nail care,


- massage as a treatment to reduce wrinkles,


- mix with creams, lotions or massage oil (therapeutic massage, cosmetic massage),


- wraps and applications.




liver disorders

inflammation of the bile ducts, cirrhosis, hepatitis, including alcoholic hepatitis, fatty liver,

mouth infection,



Internal use: it is recommended to take the oil 3 times a day, about 4 grams (1 teaspoon before eating) or as recommended by your doctor.


CONTRAINDICATIONS: Individual intolerance.


STORAGE: in a cool place, away from the sun, at a temperature not higher than + 25C. At temperatures lower than +5 C, natural sediment may form, which disappears when the oil is heated to room temperature.


It does not contain dyes, preservatives and artificial fragrances.


Packaging: brown glass bottle with a 50 ml dropper


Producer: Remedium Natura

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