• Mumio + R ointment with mummy extract and sea buckthorn oil

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Sea buckthorn oil has regenerating, anti-aging, protective and analgesic properties. It is used in the care of dry, cracked, mature and irritated skin. Supports the treatment of post-traumatic acne scars, stretch marks, eczema, inflammation and allergic skin conditions. Mumio is a powerful biological stimulator with a high concentration of trace elements and elements. It contains rare vitamin and amino acids. It accelerates the regeneration processes in damaged tissues, has a strong antioxidant effect (neutralizes free radicals). Aloe Vera has disinfecting, anti-inflammatory, astringent, smoothing, firming, regenerating, soothing, bactericidal and moisturizing properties. Firms the skin, soothes irritations, therefore it is recommended for dry, acne-prone skin and skin with dermatological problems. Eliminates discoloration, eczema and skin exudates. Smoothes scars. Aloe extract reduces pain and inflammatory reactions. It stimulates the division of skin cells. It dilates the capillaries, contributing to the increase in blood flow. Helps with eczema, regenerates the skin, and inhibits the growth of certain bacteria.

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