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Cylindrical Salt Lick 5 5 kg Veterinary identification number: PL1465215p DO YOU HAVE ENOUGH OF SOFT LICKS SOLUBLE IN RAIN? HERE'S 100 NATURAL HIMALA LICK IN THE FORM OF A NATURAL STONE Himalayan licks are a completely natural product It is extracted from the Khewra Salt mine at the foot of the Himalayas in Pakistan and in unchanged form without any processing and enrichment is delivered as a final product HARD AS STONE Himalayan licks are literally hard like stone. Animals are not able to bite off a piece of it. This is a problem that occurs in the case of pressed and therefore softer licks that dominate the Polish market. An animal that bites and swallows a piece of a regular pressed lick leads to excessive salinity of the body, which is counterproductive to the intended RESISTANT FOR THE WEATHER Thanks to their natural hardness, our licks are also much more resistant to weather conditions. Thanks to this, they can be left in the open air, just like in nature and will not fall into dust. cleaner forms of salt available in the world The same salt is suitable for human consumption And you can also buy it in mills The composition of the licks is mainly sodium chloride but also 84 different minerals and trace elements necessary for health such as potassium calcium magnesium zinc and iron which are responsible for the characteristic pinkish color The Himalayan lick is therefore the healthiest form of minerals for animals, much richer than the traditional pressed lick, chemically supplemented with ingredients. when he traveled in South Asia But in fact it was the horses that first found this rich source of minerals When Alexander's army stopped to rest the horses began to lick the stones One of the soldiers noticed it and it tasted the rock stone and it was salty which led to the discovery of the mines and FOR WHICH ANIMALS? The lick is designed for farm animals such as: horses, cows, sheep, goats, small animals

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