• Natural liquid soap with nanosilver 500 ml

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Natural liquid soap with nanosilver provides maximum protection against skin diseases and restores the skin's gentleness, delicacy, beauty and naturally healthy appearance nbsp; The healing effect of nanosilver inhibits the growth and division of over 650 pathogenic bacterial strains and prevents the formation of resistant strains. It also has antiviral, antifungal and anti-mold properties. The use of silver in medicine is a very old form of treatment because in ancient times the Egyptians knew that wounds heal better under the influence of silver. Nanosilver is based on the fact that silver ions settle on the cell membrane of microbes and block enzymes that help in the reproduction of microorganisms, if they cannot reproduce then they die within 6 minutes.Therefore, Nanosilver has become an effective weapon in the fight against resistant strains of bacteria abdominal staphylococcus aureus gonococcus, or Neisser 's split, pneumonia, streptococcus It has strong antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Nanosilver heals burns of all degrees of eczema, blackheads, showers, mycoses, e.g. healing wounds fistulas erosions polyps inflammation caused by rose It is a natural, effective antibiotic, gentle and non-toxic. Silver particles do not accumulate in the body, are excreted within a few days Antibiotics kill 11 harmful bacteria and Nanosilver destroys over 650 pathogenic bacteria, viruses, fungi and mold Strengthens the immune system as a strong antioxidant, it prevents the formation of free radicals Its effectiveness is very high - it removes 99.99 bacteria, viruses and fungi Natural Soap - Physiological Renewal: Does not contain detergents, dyes and other adverse sensitizing substances, e.g. fragrances, does not irritate or dry the skin. care of the entire body surface, including the scalp of the groin and intimate hygiene for adult children and allergy sufferers for people with skin diseases necessary for the treatment of acne lesions and dandruff Eliminates the unpleasant smell of sweat Irreplaceable for the purposes of prophylaxis, care and maintenance of healthy skin Natural Soap restores the skin's softness, delicacy and beauty and naturally healthy appearance Provides maximum protection against bacteria, viruses, fungi and molds Ideal for therapeutic baths skin after washing does not require regeneration "Natural Soap with Nanosilver" Recommended for basic daily care and washing of the entire body surface, including the scalp, groin and intimate hygiene due to the content of active medicinal substances with bactericidal, fungicidal and virucidal properties "Natural soap" allows to prevent the development of infections and effectively helps in the treatment of already existing bacterial fungal infections and viral skin, the soap contains Nanosilver, which is a natural and effective antibiotic, which is gentle and non-toxic. acne vulgaris bacterial skin infections staphylococcal infections boils hair follicle infections abscesses rosacea common warts foot warts flat warts seborrheic dermatitis eczema contact allergic eczema occupational eczema non-allergic allergies atopic dermatitis atopic dermatitis neurodermatitis burn injuries limited acne burn injuries psoriasis bedsores burns of all degrees blackheads pimples fistulas erosions polyps unpleasant odor of the whole body and feet Only Natural Soap with Nanosilver provides maximum protection against skin diseases and restores the skin's softness, delicacy and cracks and a naturally healthy appearance Thousands of patients use Natural Soap with Nanosilver with very good effects Join them Remember the most important and the cheapest in maintaining a healthy and beautiful skin is prophylaxis, i.e. preventing skin diseases. from an early age Do not allow skin diseases to develop, because the treatment of these diseases costs many times more

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