• Oil from a triple leaf 100ml

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NATURAL TRIPLE CLEAR OIL THE MOST EFFECTIVE AND BEST PROVEN FOR THE CARE OF SENSITIVE SKIN PRESENTED TO ALLERGY PROPERTIES: eliminates redness itching and dry skin restores skin firmness and freshness to skin irritation and irritation irritated skin irritation and irritation skin irritation with irritation irritated skin irritation and irritation skin irritation with irritation skin irritation and irritation with irritation seborrhoeic dermatitis after sunbathing. Trifoliate clam has long been used in folk medicine as a plant to soothe various skin diseases. and vitamin C nbsp; nbsp; nbsp; INDICATIONS FOR USE: nbsp; Dry, pinched skin Skin prone to acne irritation redness After sunbathing seborrhoeic dermatitis make-up removal nbsp; face and lash nbsp; nbsp; How to use: For daily face and body care - apply a small amount of oil and massage in gently For itching and irritation skin care with a cotton ball soaked in oil, lubricate the affected areas 2 3 times a day For scalp care, rub a small amount of oil into the scalp twice a week and massage into the hair 20 30 minutes before washing. To remove make-up, apply 2-3 drops of oil on a cotton pad soaked in warm water and gently clean the eyelashes, eyelids and face. INCI composition: Bidens Tripartita Leaf Extract. in the EU Interesting facts nbsp; about the catch The homeland of the TRIPLE LOCATION is the temperate climate zone of Europe and Asia. In Poland, it grows very common mainly on wet soils: swamps and water banks. Sometimes it can also be found in the field or in the garden; but only where there is a high level of groundwater nbsp; In the natural environment, mainly in swamps, this plant forms real thickets of nbsp; nbsp; The stems of the clam are up to 80 cm in height.They are stiff, raised, branched covered with leaves arranged on opposite twigs.The flowers of the clam are inconspicuous yellow, tubular. thickets of this plant so as not to be thoroughly stuck with them. They stick very easily and strongly to the clothes or hair of animals and it is very difficult to "peel" them Of course, this property makes it much easier for the plant to spread and settle in new areas

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