• About us

Since 2000, we have been importing, exporting and distributing salt products all over the world. We produce iodine-bromine brines and brines from essential oils. We are a direct distributor of brine from Zabłocie. Our original Zabłocka brine has the highest iodine content in the world (even 139 mg / liter).

You will find natural cosmetics made of salt, such as: anti-wrinkle creams, mud and herbal shampoos, peloid gel, liquid soap. Each of our salt cosmetics is of the highest quality. Thanks to them, your skin will be smooth and rested.

We also have food products such as: peloid salt, Ciechocin salt, Himalayan salt, Kłodawa salt and Indian salt. Apart from spa salt, we offer milk thistle oil and sea buckthorn oil. These are products that have been used for thousands of years - they strengthen the immune system, normalize digestive processes and lower cholesterol.

We also offer devices such as ozonators. Their use is very wide. Thanks to them, you can: remove viruses, bacteria and mold from vegetables and fruits, refresh meat, treat fungal diseases of the skin, get rid of unpleasant smell from the car.

We also offer various decorations. These are, for example, salt bricks, salt candlesticks and salt lamps. You will surely find something that will suit your home.

We also do not forget about pet owners. We offer safe, natural and healthy Himalayan salt licks that are good for cows, goats, sheep or horses.

Our clients are: companies building salt caves and saunas, private investors, institutions and architectural studios. We provide them with appropriate materials and salt raw materials.

Moreover, our services are used by: distributors, wholesalers, individual recipients and producers. We carry out our deliveries in the door-to-door system. We deal with full logistics and customs formalities. We focus our activities on wholesale trade. The main warehouse of our company is located in Warsaw.

We encourage you to familiarize yourself with our full offer and please contact us.