Maroko Teeth Whitening gel clove

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Whitening gel, the main ingredient of which is clove oil with strong antiseptic, antibacterial and analgesic properties.

Clove – fights against tooth hypersensitivity, strengthens the gums and supports the treatment of periodontitis.
Licorice – prevents the development of caries and other dental diseases as well as the deposition of tartar and the formation of permanent discoloration.
Gel– paste perfectly whitens teeth, refreshes breath, thoroughly cleans tooth enamel of tartar and discoloration, e.g. after red wine, nicotine, etc.
 – precisely removes bacteria, 
– refreshes the oral cavity, 
– eliminates unpleasant smell from the mouth, 
– prevents the formation of tooth decay, plaque build-up and gingivitis

Package 100g

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